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hameed naseem on gulzariyat Hameed Naseem was Mufasser-e-Quran, Poet, Writer, Critic, former Deputy DG Radio Pakistan, former Director of the PIA Arts Academy, an acclaimed broadcaster and was called “broadcaster” by critics and his contemporaries. He was born on 6thOctober, 1920 at Shah Pur Kundi, District Gurdaspur. He was a prodigious learner and poet and started writing poetry at an early age in School days. He got opportunities to intermingle with poets and intellectuals like Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Dr. M.D. Taseer who were close friends of his father Abdul Aziz, known as Aziz Bitalvi, who had profound interest in poetry. He matriculated from M.B. High School Lahore and graduated from MAO College Amritsar. Later he moved to Lahore and did his M.A. Engilish from Islamia College Lahore where he was the leading poet, orator, and prose writer of the College and was especially known for his melodious voice (taranum) which always swayed the mushairas by its profound effect. During these days, he was a regular visitor of the famous Arab Hotel, which lay across the Islamia College Lahore and Nageena Bakery near Anarkali; both places were established rendezvous for the literati, poets, and scholars of the thirties and early forties and other intellectual community of Lahore. It was during this time that he received poetic inspiration and guidance from Sufi Tabassum and developed lifelong friendship with him as well Zia Jallandari, a leading poet and who regularly prodded poet inside him and motivated him for other research and literary endeavors. 

Hameed Naseem was a promising poet of his times and his collection of poetry, Dood-e-Tahayar (The Smoke of Wonderment), is an important work of classical ghazal structures, and shows his confident grasp of the art of poetry writing which is guided by the rules of poetry and its rhetoric. His collections of poetry, Jast-e-Janoon, Gard-e-Malal, are also rated as valuable to Urdu literature.

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SN Ghazal / ग़ज़ल by Hameed Naseem
01. Sawaal Dil Ki Shaam-e-Gham Ko Aur Udaas Kar Gaya – Hameed Naseem